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Melrose Organic Essential Greens

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Melrose Organic Essential Greens 200g (Powder) 

Melrose Organic Essential Greens is a combination of the most popular and effective super greens – Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Spirulina and Chlorella powder. It helps to improve energy levels, detoxify, and provide nutritional support to the body by providing vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll,  fiber, and a large amount of beta-carotene.

Rich Green Superfood, contains phytonutrients, natural lime flavour, certified organic, gluten free

Organic Wheat Grass Powder (33%), Organic, Barley Grass Powder (29%), Organic Chlorella, Powder (22%), Organic Spirulina Powder (11%), Natural Lime Flavour (5%)