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Minenssey Clay Mask

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Minenssey is dedicated to innovation and the power of nature. With a unique blend of ingredients curated from the Australian earth, introduces a little bit of magic to your skincare routine.

Minenssey Brightening Mask is a mask formulated with moonstone extract, snow-flower, along with black and white clay mix to nourish, balance and brighten the skin. It is suitable for all skin types as a luxurious remedy for dull, uneven or tired complexions and as a restorative for radiant light-reflecting skin.

Minenssey Deep Cleansing Mask is a mask that can be used anywhere on the body to fight breakouts and blemishes. It is formulated with green clay, antioxidant-rich pepper berry and parsley seed, it is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It also deeply cleanses and purifies pores.

Minenssey Hydrating Mask is a mask that provides ultimate hydration for all skin types, as well as soothing and helping to reduce the visibility of scars and marks. It is formulated with a restorative blend of wild harvested flannel flower, rosella fruit and Australian white clay, and the formula is gentle enough for sensitive and damaged skin. It is an ideal treatment for the mornings or night to revive and brighten skin tone. Apply to face overnight for glossy and luminous skin the next morning. Can also be used as a hair mask.

Minenssey Rejuvenating Mask is a mask that revives and brightens tired skin and provides deep hydration and a youthful appearance. Australian kakadu plum infuses the skin with a brightening vitamin C treatment for suppleness and skin elasticity.